We’ve released a new feature in the Workspace area that uses efficiency to improve creative flexibility. Users can now build a creative library to house all their creatives in one place, and seamlessly call any creative from any campaign.

The new feature eradicates the previously time-consuming task undertaken when adding creatives on a per line basis. For campaigns that had tens or hundreds of lines, regularly updating creatives was a mammoth task and limited flexibility and creative experimentation.

Now advertisers can create a folder and upload, update, or delete creatives from one place, and see their changes intelligently reflected across campaigns.

In addition to increasing efficiency, the library also gives advertisers a creative storage facility much like a library. Now from one place, they can quickly reference past creatives or compare and find creatives that worked well in the past. We have also added powerful filtering options so, as your library grows, you can still filter and find what you need FAST.

It’s a simple concept with powerful results and fits right in with our key goals to make our Mobile DSP as easy and efficient as possible. We love building new amazing features that remove complex and/or inefficient tasks, and we think Smadex users are really going to benefit from this one.

Existing Smadex users can check out the new creative library feature under the Workspace tab on the global navigation menu.

For more information on this subject or for information about Smadex, get in touch with our team.