June 9, 2022

What’s new with SKAd Version 4.0

SKAd version 4.0 has been announced in WWDC 2022. Apple has listened to the feedback from developers and has added…

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SKAd Attribution After ATT

SKAd Is Here – Now What?

Now that Apple has officially announced the full SKAdNetwork implementation on the week of the 26th of April, it’s a…

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Smadex new algorithms for SKAdNetwork based attribution

SKAdNetwork based attribution in the post-IDFA world

At Smadex, technology is at the core of our day-to-day. As Chief Data Officer, I make sure our team is…

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What to expect for SKAd Postbacks

What To Expect When You Are Expecting Those SKAd Postbacks

App Tracking Transparency’s rollout date is getting closer, and advertisers are getting mixed signals. That is, between SKAd postbacks and…

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Case By Case Scenarios – How to read those SKAd postbacks

Mobile advertising is up to be all about granting performance while embracing a more comprehensive approach to users' privacy. By…

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What The ATT Data Flow Will Look Like

SKAd – What The New Data Flow Will Look Like

Post App Tracking Transparency (ATT) will change how mobile attribution works on iOS. However, it's not going to be a…

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Get ready for SKAd Attribution

Smadex and Attribution In The New SKAd Era

While we await the release of the App Tracking Transparency framework, we've been busy getting ready for SKAd attribution. In…

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Join the Smadex Team – Find Your Best Self

Join the Smadex team! - At Smadex, we have proven ourselves as a major player in the mobile advertising landscape.…

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Smadex Flexible Mapping for SKAd Campaign Optimization

How To Maximize Campaign Optimization on SKAd

Now more than ever, advertisers need to distinguish the variables that move the needle, and SKAdnetwork won't provide much guidance.…

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101 Insights on SKAd | Webinar LATAM

101 Insights on SKAd you need to know – Webinar Recap

Entering the final stretch before ATT's full implementation, staying on top of the latest news can be crucial to minimize…

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