Smadex’s Mobile UA and CTV Campaigns
Drive Success for Papaya

Smadex Customer Success Stories


Smadex Algorithms Drive 8% CPI
Improvement in TextNow’s Growth

Smadex x Bandai Namco CTV Success Story

Smadex CTV Proves Incrementality Lift in Bandai Namco Flagship Game


Utilizing CTV AdVision to top the most
downloads game list in 142 countries


How Soundcloud beat their CPI Goal
by 53% on SKAdNetwork

iOS 14: Get results with LAT only

Scalling up your campaigns with programmatic

Superior Programmatic Mobile Performance

Bringing performance to programmatic
app campaigns


Surpassing campaign goals with Smadex’s SKAd optimization tool

Achieving a competitive CPA and 2x CTR% with high-impact formats

Increasing IPM for Seekers Notes by 50% using Custom Product Pages


Voodoo’s IPMs increased by 50% with Smadex’s creative analysis


Smadex CTV Solution boosts installs by 30% for Guardian Tales


Surpassing Vantage’s Goals by 164%
to AcquireHigh-Quality Users

Branding Success Stories

Combining Brand & Performance to drive subscriptions

CTV: The opportunity to amplify
your brand

Reaching consistent 60% ROAS with App to Web campaigns

Mobile Subscription Services Success Stories

Optimal performance in a fraud-free ecosystem

Grow In New Markets Securing High Compliant Traffic


Upify gains over 68,000 subscribers with Smadex’s help

The Digital Marketing that AirG relies
on for branding and subscription.

MCO reaches +300k subscriptions
with Smadex


Smadex’s winning strategy takes Wister’s marketing to new heights

CFM + Smadex
and the formula to unlock success


How to Optimize with SKAdNetwork

When Apple announced SKAdNetwork back in 2021, we started working towards finding alternative solutions.

We came up with Flexible Mapping, exactly what advertisers needed: the perfect tool to allow iOS campaign optimization

Transparency and Brand Safe Advertising

Are you tired of battling digital fraud and struggling to maintain consumer trust?

Discover how transparency and anti-fraud measures can boost your success in the digital world.

We got you covered

We have vast industry experience.

We got you covered

We have vast industry experience.
Gaming Apps, Fintech Apps, On-demand Apps, eCommerce Apps, Brands