Mobile Masterminds Girona Summit

A 3 day VIP and invite-only gathering that brings together “Mobile Masterminds” to share their knowledge and learnings about the challenges and opportunities for App and Game Marketing.

Our Events

Mobile Masterminds Girona Summit

February 29th – March 3rd 2024

Mobile Masterminds Padel Cup

September 21st – 2023

Mobile Masterminds Andorra Summit

March 2nd – March 5th 2023

Our Webinars

The Art & Science of Engaging Creatives that Convert Webinar

Learn from industry experts as they unveil the secrets to developing thumb-stopping experiences that drive your campaigns to success.

Proven Techniques for Ad Creative Optimization

Join us as our expert panel takes you through the intricacies of leveraging and optimizing creative strategies to captivate your target audiences.

Mobile Game Marketing with SKAN 4.0 How to boost your iOS campaigns

The introduction of SKAdNetwork 4.0 represents an opportunity for iOS performance marketers, but it also introduces more complexity.

Webinar: Get Connected: Leveraging CTV for Growth

Listen to experts from Adjust, FunPlus, and Smadex as they share their knowledge to answer the biggest doubts about launching CTV.