Smadex @ Appsflyer

See Smadex ad spend in Appsflyer

Almost certainly, you spend most of the time analyzing campaigns numbers. Getting ad spend data from different traffic sources, trying…

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coronavirus insights

Analyzing the impact of #StayHome in Programmatic supply

The beauty of the programmatic ecosystem is the interaction between supply and demand that creates constant opportunities for marketers and…

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A model to estimate probability of user engagement with Machine Learning

PRESENTING ATA ATA is the acronym of Action To Action. In online advertising, users go through a marketing funnel defined…

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Astrea Algorithm

Machine Learning for programmatic price bidding

THE ASTREA ALGORITHM Why Astrea? She is the virgin goddess of justice, innocence, purity and precision, which is exactly the…

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Smadex architecture case study in AWS blog

We've been recognized as a case study at the AWS Architecture blog for the implementation of our RTB engine using…

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Smadex verified for Brand Safety Principles

Today, Smadex, leading mobile-first DSP for branding and performance advertisers, has been verified to the JICWEBS Digital Trading Standards Group…

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Why we are the Best-in-class Fraud-less DSP

When marketers embrace the challenge of trusting new partners to run their advertising campaigns, there is always the feeling of…

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app growth

The Best App Growth Team

How a Growth team should be to bring the best results to an app? Analytics? Creative? Empathetic? We believe there…

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The periodic table of programmatic elements

This year the world has been celebrating the 150th anniversary of the discovery of the periodic table of elements and the…

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