Awesome new features for crushing performance advertising

We’ve been working extra hard to release some truly ground breaking industry leading performance and direct response features this quarter. Here’s a summary of our top feature releases:

New product releases:

Major algorithm update – Performance has always been in our DNA since day one and we’ve been continuously improving our capabilities ever since. With our major algorithm update,  we’ve cracked PROGRAMMATIC + PERFORMANCE. Our completely redesigned logistic regression based performance algorithms are achieving CPA goals for all types of campaigns: installs, registrations, subscriptions, leads, etc. We can run tens of simultaneous models to make campaigns perform from day one. Results so far have been staggering and we have tripled spend for some clients in 2 months.

Bundle ID and domain name – We’ve made it easier to identify publishers using the common approach of bundle ID and domain versus the descriptions used by ad exchanges. You will find this under Workspace > Inventory.

Publisher scan – You can now set maximum budgets per publisher enabling you to test all inventories thereby making sure that you do not spend more than $x on each publisher. This is an awesome performance advertising feature that enables you to discover what KPIs publishers can deliver, from Cost-per-Install to viewability metrics.

Campaign activity segments – Within the Smadex DMP, you can now create custom campaign segments targeting/excluding users that performed (or not) specific events in campaigns. The segments are generated in real-time as campaigns are running which means that you could target users during a flight that for example where exposed to a 30 second video in another line/campaign.

New attribution reporting – We’ve added a new standard report that splits events by attribution type (view, click, cookie, fingerprint based view). With more campaigns looking at attribution models beyond last click and lack of third party platforms that now support this, we needed to give our advertisers an option for this on the platform.

Smadex adds WEVE Insights to power programmatic video buying

We are thrilled to announce that we have integrated WEVE Insights into the Smadex DMP via Axonix’s technology, making the  data available for advertisers to use to power programmatic video media buying.

WEVE Insights provides high accuracy probabilistic data sets modelling on WEVE’s unique opted-in verified first party user base. This gives advertisers highly accurate demographic targeting at scale, including gender and age, two of the most common parameters for any campaign brief. One of the biggest challenges for mobile advertising is access to accurate and credible demographic data; this issue is now addressed.

Combining WEVE’s accurate data sets with Smadex’s massive video scale across brand safe high-quality premium publishers found on over ten ad exchanges (including Google DoubleClick, Rubicon, Pubmatic, SpotX and Teads) gives advertisers a unique solution to precisely reaching audiences with video on mobile devices.

Smadex DMP showing WEVE InsightsWEVE

 For more information about using WEVE Insights to extend your campaigns to mobile video contact

Smadex integrates IAS for brand safety and viewability

The message is clear given the vast amount of noise in the industry about the topic; marketers now expect ad tech players to work with independent third party reporting platforms. This goes beyond counting impressions and clicks, it now stretches into ad quality for all ad formats and brand safety. We are pleased to announce our partnership with Integral Ad Science (IAS) for post-bid and pre-bid solutions that address viewability and brand safety.

We receive regular daily reports on the previous day’s performance for the post-bid solution; we take an IAS pixel from the agency and add this to the ad tag. For video, the ad tag must be VPAID compliant and can only run on mobile sites and ad exchanges that support VPAID. Smadex use the daily reports to optimise the campaigns towards viewability, brand safety and other metrics.

For the pre-bid solution, we only bid on impressions that meet the pre-defined brand safety thresholds and pre-bid targeting for viewability. In addition, we utilise IAS’ technology to block suspicious activity and fraudulent impressions. The pre-bid solution will use Smadex’s IAS account to give us granular insights for optimisation purposes.

This provides advertisers with a level of trust; that ads can be verified as viewable, landing on brand safe media that is fraud free. Furthermore, working with an independent third party platform like IAS will allow advertisers to compare all their ad tech providers like-for-like against each other and industry benchmarks. It’s these common metrics that now enable advertisers to set thresholds for all ad tech providers. This helps to provide transparency and create a level playing field around which numbers are being measured and more importantly, how these numbers are being calculated.

Integral dashboard

Integral dashboard

For more information about using IAS and Smadex

Ultra-fast bid-stream level reporting to optimize programmatic campaigns

We’re excited to announce another major and massive product milestone; ultra-fast bid-stream level reporting that gives advertisers a powerful tool to better manage (optimize, control, full transparency) programmatic campaigns.

This is a game changer; a significant advancement on standard reporting found in most demand-side platforms and gives advertisers access to detailed and granular RTB data. In other words, we are giving advertisers complete transparency into the bid stream data.

It’s still hard to accept that some DSPs today continue to send programmatic campaign activity in spreadsheets. This gives advertisers zero insights into what’s going on with their programmatic activity and no option to drill down for further analysis.

Our new multi-dimensional user interface makes it easy for advertisers to build and run as many custom reports on the fly in order to answer campaign queries, and arrive at the most actionable insights for optimization of programmatic activity.

Advertisers will be able to choose from a long list of dimensions relating to bid stream data (country, device, exchange, publisher, ad size city etc), drag them into play in the Filter or Split boxes and aggregated results will be displayed as a table, graph or line. From hereon, advertisers will be able to refine the data analysis by setting filters and adding more dimensions.

Screenshot showing the new multi-dimensional reporting interfacemulti-dimensional reporting

The new multi-dimensional reporting is live and you will find under the Reporting tab. We will continue to maintain and improve our standard reports that give advertisers quick access to the main KPIs for a campaign.


Smadex integrates adsquare data marketplace for video audiences

We are happy to announce our new partnership with neutral mobile data exchange adsquare, offering agencies and brands access to unique premium data providers for mobile devices.

adsquare offers advertisers access to a vast array of mobile data, derived from offline, online and mobile behaviours. Premium data partners include Acxiom, Mastercard and GfK. Advertisers can access adsquare via its self-service Audience Management Platform which provides full control and transparency and include advanced audience modelling tools including real-time reach forecasting. Further, adsquare also offers access to first-party data via its private marketplace.

adsquare is now available to all advertisers through the Smadex DMP which is accessible via the self-service platform. Here advertisers will be able to arrange or create their campaign audiences with one click, label them, and re-use these  audiences across any number of campaigns or lines.

“We are excited about the partnership with Smadex.“ says Vincent Tessier, VP Demand EMEA at adsquare. “As a mobile-first data exchange, we are eager about partnering with leading DSPs who put mobile in the center of their strategy. Making our data portfolio available to all Smadex clients is an important step for us, particularly because of the great video capabilities that Smadex offers”.

About adsquare

adsquare is the neutral mobile data exchange, bringing together advertisers and data providers in a fair, secure and privacy-friendly way. The platform has been built mobile-first, operates in real-time and enables advertisers to leverage data for panoramic audience targeting and precise moment marketing. Programmatic buyers can take control via the self-service Audience Management Platform which gives them full transparency in buying data, creating audiences and activating them for their DSP of choice. adsquare offers a broad portfolio of data from mobile, online and offline sources including data partners such as Acxiom, Mastercard or TomTom. In addition, advertisers can discover the marketplace for private deals with first-party data owners including app developers, publishers and other companies. adsquare works compliant with strict European privacy laws and has been awarded the ePrivacyseal for best practice data handling. For more information visit follow @adsquarecom or contact

New video algorithm enables CPV + CPCV programmatic trading

We are in the process of releasing a major update to our algorithms during the first quarter of 2017. As part of this update, we will be adding new optimization goals, including video metrics to drive improved performance and make it easier for agencies to buy mobile video.

The new algorithm will automate the process of optimizing against a video goal, thereby reducing the effort and complexity to manage the campaign and improve efficiencies for everyone.

The most common video metrics for measuring success are CPV (Cost Per View $) and CPCV (Cost Per Completed View $), and now advertisers will be able to add these metrics when they create their campaign line items.

Our new algorithm factors in many parameters, quickly adapts and uses past learning, resulting in a uplift in campaign performance for CPV and CPCV (when compared to not using an automated algorithm).

Advertisers will also be able to continue to manually check in on a campaign and make any manual adjustments via the optimization tab, and continue to have full transparency and control on where ads are landing right down to publisher level.

We are making programmatic video trading straight forward to buy and to deliver performance on KPIs for advertisers.

mobile video

Adcolony exchange adds more global video app inventory

We are excited to announce that we’ve integrated with the Adcolony ad exchange (previously known as Opera Mediaworks or OMAX). This will give advertisers access to massive global scale of in-app video ad inventory. Adcolony’s strong global reputation and credibility for mobile video ad formats and performance further strengthens Smadex’s video offering.

We’ve continued to add more video supply with new ad exchange integrations, bringing the total number of exchanges offering high quality premium video ad spaces to ten: Google Ad Exchange, SpotX, Rubicon, Pubmatic,, Teads, MoPub, AOL One, Stickyads and Adcolony.

Advertisers will be able buy Adcolony video inventory on the open exchange or via Deal ID. With both buying options, advertisers will have full transparency into ad placements at AD ID level and with deal ID, advertisers will be able to craft custom deals with publishers.

Using the Smadex platform, advertisers can create whitelists, select individual publishers across any supported exchange and create reusable deal IDs. Furthermore, with the latest release of the Inventory Forecasting tool, advertisers will also be able to plan buys directly via the Smadex platform. The new Inventory Forecasting tool is an option on the global navigation menu.

For more information, contact sales[at]smadex[dot]com

Smadex expands premium video marketplace with more options

During 2016, we invested heavily in developing a strong programmatic video platform and offering that builds on our already solid reputation and credibility in the space.

Our goal in 2017 is to give advertisers the strongest platform for fully managing video advertising campaigns on both mobile and desktop as we roll out during the year our cross-device capabilities.

We’ve summarised below our main video developments during the last year.


Listening to and understanding advertiser requirements, we’ve developed self-service tools that enable advertisers to fully manage their video campaigns via the Smadex platform, including video optimization.

Video optimization: We give advertisers full transparency of the performance of video campaigns against publishers, together with the most powerful and easy to use optimization tool in the market so that they can optimize against completion rate (CVR), Cost Per View (CPV) and Cost Per Completed View (CPCV). With this tool, advertisers can select specific bid prices for any publisher they want based on the transparent video metrics shown. They can also blacklist any publisher or publishers based on filters which advertisers can create themselves (for example those with more than X views and a CPCV higher than any amount they want).

Screenshot of the video optimization tool

video optimization

Video reporting: Advertisers can track and manage video campaigns across quartile views, CPV, CPCV and CVR in real-time.

Video inventory forecasting: One of the biggest challenges advertisers face working with ad tech platforms is knowing what inventory is available across different ad formats by country and other dimensions. We’ve developed an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that enables advertisers to easily explore and discover global inventory options.

Screenshot of the inventory forecasting tool

inventory forecasting


We’ve integrated the main global mobile third party data platforms and launched our own proprietary DMP to give advertisers data options for improved targeting.

Third party data: Adsquare, Factual, Statiq

DMP: We’ve launched our proprietary DMP enabling advertisers to build custom audiences; campaign segments and management of third party data in one place.

Premium video ad inventory

Premium mobile video ad inventory is scarce; to address that we’ve integrated with top ad exchanges that support video and high-quality premium publishers to give advertisers massive scale with local known publications.

Ad exchanges: Google AdX, Rubicon, AOL One Video (, Nexage), Pubmatic, SpotX, Teads, MoPub, Opera Mediaworks, Smart Ad server

Video ad formats and standards

The mobile video landscape is fragmented and hindered by ad formats that work against giving advertisers global scale; in other words, exchanges support few ad formats at scale and different ad formats tend to work better with certain KPIs (for example, pre-roll is good for Completion Rate but not for Click Through Rate or Cost Per Unique Visit metric). To address this issue we support all standards and ad formats across all integrated exchanges. By doing so, we give advertisers optimum reach and scale across premium marketplaces to address all video campaign KPIs.


Ad formats: In-stream (pre-roll), out-stream (native, interstitial, vertical, rich media and reward)

To find out more about how Smadex can help you achieve your campaign goals and reach target audiences with video and contact sales[at]smadex[dot]com.


Fully transparent programmatic planning tool for advertisers

We’re really excited to announce another major product release and milestone: our programmatic planning tool for advertisers is now available to advertisers on the Smadex platform. The number one challenge advertisers face when planning a campaign is knowing what ad inventory is available via their DSPs. We’ve developed the ultimate super fast tool that predicts available media via the Smadex platform.

Our inventory forecasting tool is completely automated and easy-to-use. The user interface has time series information and hourly precision, and advertisers can download forecasts to CSV. The dynamic real-time filtering enables advertisers to get precise volume estimates at any combination of dimensions: Exchange, Publisher Name, Bundle ID, TagID, Ad Size, Country, OS, OS version, Connection Type, Carrier, Location precision, Video and MRAID.

Currently, the vast majority of advertisers rely on a process of emails back and forth in order to get some indication media and volumes; and that email process may take days and be incomplete. Giving advertisers real-time access to query available inventory numbers not only improves the planning process but enables advertisers to carry WHAT IF analysis and thereby improve planning processes.

The inventory forecasting tool really becomes powerful when advertisers are able to carry out quick queries upon receiving a brief, enabling them to generate fast feedback and suggestions for improvements.

Screenshot showing inventory forecasting

inventory forecasting

To find out more about how Smadex can help you achieve your campaign goals and reach target audiences with video and contact sales[at]smadex[dot]com.

We’ve updated our DMP for video audience targeting

We’ve updated our DMP and we will be giving some advertisers access to a beta version. This gives advertisers a powerful tool for managing campaign data, custom segments and third parties, accessible via the Smadex platform.

The DMP gives advertisers a single dashboard view across first, second and third party data in a one place that lets them manage all aspects of their audience targeting via an easy to use user interface.

The DMP will enable advertisers to create segments based on live campaign interactions and build those groups in real-time; for example, an advertiser would be able target users that watched an entire video ad with special offers using another ad format.

Advertisers will also be able bring their own data into play and upload this information directly, securely and encrypted into the DMP for use with any campaign.

All custom segments and advertiser data will only be viewable and accessible by the advertiser account.

With third party data, the DMP will enable advertisers to store all segments in a single location with full descriptions and pricing information and then add those segments into campaign lines.

We will be working on our DMP phase 2 closely with customers.

For more information about the Smadex DMP, and how to get involved with our beta service, contact us.