At Smadex, transparency is not just a buzzword but a deep commitment. As a mobile DSP that prides itself on openness, one of the features that makes us the most proud is our Cohorted Multidimensional Reporting tool. 

We understand the importance of clarity in every aspect of your campaigns, and that’s why we developed a reporting tool that gives you the power of comprehensive analysis and insights in your hands. 

Smadex Cohorted Multidimensional

Get to Know: Smadex Cohorted Multidimensional

Smadex’s Cohorted Multidimensional Reporting Tool empowers you to dive deep into your campaigns by combining over 350 variables with cohorts. This isn’t just about data; it’s about understanding how each element contributes to your success. Our tool allows you to dissect and analyze every campaign element, providing a granular view that goes beyond surface-level metrics.

What sets the Cohorted Multidimensional apart is its full flexibility, allowing the extraction of precise data that helps you make informed decisions toward optimizing your campaigns.  It is a comprehensive and dynamic resource for standard performance evaluations and professional-level analyses. You can tailor the Cohorted Multidimensional tool to your own needs.

What can you do with the Cohorted Multidimensional?

Some of the KPIs  available in the Cohorted Multidimensional are:

  • Total Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) in D1, D3, or D7: Measures the total revenue generated from ads within the first day (D1), third day (D3), or seventh day (D7) in correlation to the investment in advertising during those respective time frames.
  • Paying Users: Indicates the number of users who have made a payment within a specified cohort period.
  • Ads Watched per User: Shows the average number of ads watched by individual users during a given period.
  • Split by IAA and IAP Revenue: Segregates the revenue earned from In-App Advertising (IAA) and In-App Purchases (IAP), allowing precise assessment and comparison.
  • Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) for IAA and IAP, including Total ARPU: Provides the average revenue generated per user from In-App Advertising (IAA) and In-App Purchases (IAP) separately within specified cohorts. Additionally, it showcases the overall or total ARPU regardless of the revenue source, offering a comprehensive overview of user monetization.
  • Retention Rates: Displays the percentage of users who continue to use the app over time, indicating user loyalty and satisfaction within specific cohorts.

These KPIs within the Cohorted Multidimensional reporting tool offer a comprehensive view of user behavior, revenue generation, and advertising effectiveness, enabling strategic decision-making and targeted improvements.


Whether delving into general trends or conducting highly specific examinations, the Cohorted Multidimensional Tool offers unparalleled versatility. Why settle for partial insights when you can have the complete picture?

Contact us if you want to learn more about our Cohorted Multidimensional tool. Regarding your campaigns, there are not black boxes with Smadex, only a clear path to success.