In collaboration with AppsFlyer, Smadex has joined the movement towards a more robust and transparent ad engagement measurement. With the emergence of innovative ad formats and the increasing emphasis on privacy, advertisers seek more comprehensive ways to measure ad engagement effectively. To help marketers gain a deeper understanding of how users engage with video ads, AppsFlyer’s Enriched Engagement Types is now available for all Smadex advertisers who decide to opt-in.

Traditionally, ad reporting has been limited to view-through and click-through attribution, providing only a narrow perspective on engagement. However, with the introduction of new ad formats, such as playable ads, skippable ads, and short-form videos, the advertising landscape has become more diverse and complex. These dynamic ad types offer advertisers greater opportunities to engage with their target audience, but traditional measurement methodologies have struggled to keep pace.

Enriched Engagement Types address this gap by capturing the full spectrum of user engagement and intentionality when interacting with ads. From momentary exposure to direct response actions, we can now provide advertisers with a more nuanced understanding of how users engage with their ads. This comprehensive framework ensures that the varying levels of engagement are accurately represented, empowering advertisers to make data-driven decisions and optimize their ad spend effectively.

As the advertising landscape continues to evolve, Smadex remains committed to empowering advertisers with the insights they need to drive success. By reporting on AppsFlyer Enriched Engagement Types, Smadex can provide their advertisers with transparent measurement tools to evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns.

For more detailed information on AppsFlyer’s Enriched Engagement Types and how they can benefit your advertising strategy, please refer to AppsFlyer’s Help Center or contact your Smadex account manager.