Geo-targeting is what’s possible when geo-location data is enabled – that’s about knowing someone’s whereabouts at latitudinal/longitudinal, zip code, city or regional level within a country.

Smadex geo-targeting now enables advertisers to reach specific audiences in any city in the world. That may include focusing on specific users in any given location that advertisers want to reach. For example, that could be a campaign for a taxi app looking to run a stimulation campaign for dormant app users in a list of given cities.

The new feature is now available to advertisers via the Smadex self-service platform. Advertisers will see the new feature within the GEOLOCATION section when building or editing a campaign.

Advertisers will be able to target multiple countries and cities within a single campaign using the intuitive country and city selection wizard.

City geo-targeting will complement our existing hyper-local targeting feature. To use this tool, advertisers will need to enter a LAT/LONG coordinate and the approximate radius in kilometres that advertisers want to impact. Multiple hyper-location points can be created to support multi-location campaigns – for example, when targeting supermarket chains.

For all geo-targeting activities, advertisers can manage and control their campaigns via location reports that show all metrics for locations selected, that’s a powerful tool that enables advertisers to optimize and test to determine what works and doesn’t work very quickly.