App Tracking Transparency’s rollout date is getting closer, and advertisers are getting mixed signals. That is, between SKAd postbacks and MMP’s installs. Why is it that the numbers don’t match? Is something wrong with your SDK integration? Is something wrong with your campaign configuration?

At this time, I want to assure you that if you’re running a campaign through Smadex, everything is working as it should. That said, don’t hesitate to contact us in case of any questions.

It’s worth mentioning that the only difference you should see is on the SKAd data flow and when the postbacks are being factored in. With some MMPs, you can have not one but two instances that may cause delays on your SKAd postbacks: 

  • You first receive the postbacks from SKAd on your DSP
  • You need to forward the SKAd postbacks to the MMP. Then, they send it back, adding the usual signals you receive now.

Understanding the Delays on your SKAd Postbacks

Here, we have an example of one campaign where we can catch a glimpse of how the delay is propagated:

  • Blue Line. We receive the regular install attributed by the MMP (for now, displaying only CTA installs).
  • Light Blue Line. We receive the install from SKAd and we send it to the MMP.
  • Red Line. We receive the SKAd install back from the MMP (some MMPs answer in real-time while others take up to a day).

As you can see, you likely will have a difference between the installs you receive from SKAd and the deterministic CTA ones accounted for by the MMP. Each MMP is working on different protocols. In effect, some are sending the postbacks in batches, only once a day. 

As the campaign runs, the gap between the two should close. As a result, the effects of the delay should eventually have less and less impact on the overall results. All things considered, if the numbers still don’t match, the next step is to identify the missing events. And so, putting in motion a quick adjustment to the campaign.

To put it in a nutshell, don’t get anxious. Work closely with your DSP to put a clear plan in motion. Make sure you are gaining all the insights you need to have a complete understanding of what to expect for your campaign’s performance after ATT.

Still have doubts? We are here to help. Reach out to our team to start running on SKAd with a clear framework.