In the advertising world, certain periods of the year stand out as being particularly fruitful for advertising efforts. One of those is the last quarter of the year, or the “holiday quarter.”  and within it, Q5:  the golden opportunity.

When the holiday season begins, mobile app marketers find themselves strategizing to ride the seasonal advertising wave. With consumers in a festive and shopping mood, brand dollars flow generously into the advertising space, making Q4 a unique opportunity for mobile app promotion.

Thanksgiving Hype and Holidays Excitement

Thanksgiving marks the starting point for a rise in brand advertising in many regions. During this time of the year, consumer engagement increases, giving mobile app marketers the opportunity to reach out to a specially receptive audience. 

The Thanksgiving wave grains momentum and extends until Christmas with a continuous influx of brand dollars. Mobile app advertisers strategically leverage the holiday season spirit, looking for ways to connect with their audience to increase downloads, encourage in-app purchases, and increase their overall brand awareness. 

But what happens after?

Post-Holidays Cool Down: The Hidden Opportunity of Q5

Q5, known by many as the hidden quarter or the golden opportunity, is just around the corner as the year draws to a close. This period is not just another quarter; it’s a strategic window that holds particular significance for mobile app marketers, and mastering it to boost user acquisition efforts can lead to achieving remarkable results.

What is Q5?

In the world of marketing, Q5, or the fifth quarter, marks the period following the conclusion of the December holidays. Is pretty much a quarter inside a quarter. This phase spans the weeks between the end of the holiday season and mid-January.

This unique timeframe is strategically significant for mobile app marketers. As brand dollars are very strong during Q4, especially leading up to the 24th of December, many app developers tend to decrease their spending. However, right after these dates, it becomes an opportune moment for app developers to scale their efforts, particularly in the gaming industry. For some verticals, such as dating, this period can be even longer, extending up to Valentine’s Day.

Why is Q5 Important for Mobile App Marketers?

While some brands use this time to unwind, evaluate sales, and regroup for the new year (which is totally understandable and necessary), others also recognize the potential of this “invisible” quarter and seize the opportunity to elevate sales and enhance brand awareness.

Here’s why Q5 matters:

  • Engagement and purchase intent remain high: Despite the post-holiday lull, user engagement and purchase intent stay elevated during Q5.
  • CPMs and CPIs Tend to Drop: The cost of advertising, both in terms of CPMs (Cost Per Mille) and CPIs (Cost Per Install), tends to decrease during this period, providing a cost-effective opportunity for marketers.
  • Peaking Mobile Phone Usage: With downtime during the holidays, mobile phone usage reaches its peak, presenting a great opportunity for app engagement.
  • Increase in New Devices and App Installs: Gifting of new devices during the holiday season contributes to more app downloads, making Q5 a great time for user acquisition.

According to Statista, global app store spending dramatically increases between Christmas Eve and New Year’s. More specifically, a study by Adjust revealed that in the first three days of 2022, installs for gaming apps performed 58% higher than the 2021 average, and sessions increased by 8%.

The Holiday Quarter: A Season of Opportunity for Mobile App Marketers

Considering this information, it becomes clear that mobile app marketers can capitalize on the increased user engagement during this time to maximize their user acquisition efforts without throwing the house out the window.

Leveraging Q5 for User Acquisition: Practical Tips

  • Plan Ahead: Take your time to develop a comprehensive strategy that takes into account key dates, target audiences, and the specific holidays relevant to your app.
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions: Analyze user data from previous years to identify trends and patterns during the previous Q5. Use this information to refine your strategies, ensuring you allocate your resources well.  
  • Implement Retargeting Campaigns: Seize the opportunity to re-engage users by rekindling their interest in your app.
  • Customize Your Creatives for the Season: Tailor your creatives to align with the festivities, incorporating holiday-theme visuals and promotions to capture users’ attention.


Q5 is not just a time to wind down. It’s a strategic period for mobile app marketers. By understanding this “invisible” quarter’s unique advantages and implementing tailored strategies, marketers can capitalize on increased engagement, cost-effectiveness, and the increase in app installs. Q5 is more than a hidden quarter; it’s a golden opportunity waiting to be seized by those who recognize its potential.