At Smadex, our goal is to build the best mobile Demand-Side Platform for advertisers to run both brand and performance campaigns. We operate a proven agile software development model that enables us to develop and deploy features that customers want quickly.

We firmly believe in maintaining an open and fluid dialogue with all our partners, both on the demand and supply side. That communication channel enables us to prioritize our product backlog, keep focused on the things that really matter and build features that have a real impact on campaign results.

Below are some of the top features that we’ve managed to release during April 2015.

Targeting devices

We’ve improved our device targeting feature by adding more options that enable advertisers to choose OS platform (Android, iOS and Windows), auto-complete device look-up (smartphone and tablet) and OS version number (by default all versions are targeted).

Limiting traffic

We’ve added new features to limiting traffic such as in-app or mobile site sources, frequency capping ads and enabling advertisers to filter out bid requests that do not pass device ID.

Improvements to whitelist and blacklist combinations

Combine whitelists and blacklists: Advertisers can now combine whitelists and blacklists in the trafficking interface. For example, selecting one or more already created whitelists and combining this with your master blacklist. The key point to note here is that if one inventory source/publisher is present in one whitelist and in the backlist, then the line item won’t bid on that inventory source, as the blacklist has priority over any whitelists.

Audience segments

Only available in the UK (for now), we’ve released a third party audience segmentation tool that enables advertisers to choose specific segments (e.g. Young Cosmopolitans) to meet their campaign requirements.

Improved reporting

We’ve improved our reporting interface. Clicking on any of the top level reporting icons opens up a new reporting interface, which is now organized into three sections: key KPIs, Charts by KPIs and LIVE reporting by publishers.

Live reporting by inventory

The new live reporting section shows the top 20 inventory sources for a campaign together with detailed performance metrics. This level of granular information gives advertisers tools for optimization including excluding publishers from a campaign. Note that advertisers can add an inventory source back into a campaign.