The Challenge

By mid 2022, talabat wanted to grow and expand their business to new markets. They decided to go for an innovative strategy for them and try interstitial ads. To successfully venture into new markets, talabat needed a trusted partner that could scale their operations and the goal was to drive a competitive CPA increasing in-app customer engagement.


The Strategy

Campaigns were split by geo, OS, creative type and ad size. Once they were up and running, Smadex’s dedicated, proprietary algorithms started learning how to reach the CTA goal while using interstitial ad formats that would attract high quality, engaged users.



CTR increased by:

CPI decreased by:


IPMs increased by:


“Smadex has helped us overcome two key challenges for talabat – Increase user acquisitions while maintaining healthy performance & ability to scale-up across MENA markets effectively.

The seamless integration & activation has resulted in 4x YoY growth in spends. Kudos to the entire Smadex team for understanding & bringing innovative solutions to our business needs”

Pratik Uchil, Senior Manager, Display & Programmatic at Delivery Hero