The Challenge Overview

The introduction of SKAd by Apple put in motion a new mobile programmatic framework marked by data receipt delays, loss of user-level data and reduced visibility of post-install events. Even though SKAd does provide some information, it is not useful enough for campaign optimization.

An American subscription video on-demand service that operates in markets worldwide and focuses on live streaming and producing original content was looking for a partner able to deliver results with SKAd.

The Solution: Smadex Flexible Mapping for SKAd Optimization

Smadex’s Flexible Mapping is a tool that allows advertisers to map a wide range of variables, such as creatives, ad sizes, inventory bundles and exchanges (SSPs) by utilizing 100 available campaign_IDs SKAd provides, without uniquely identifying the user and complying with Apple’s privacy policies.

With Flexible Mapping, advertisers can surpass the limitations brought by SKAdNetwork, identify the combination of variables that get the best performance and use this information to optimize their campaigns.



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