Custom product pages (CPP) is one of the biggest announcements made by Apple this year. This feature allows to provide users with a more targeted version of an app’s product page, increasing relevance to help drive more installs 

What are custom product pages?

Custom product pages are alternate versions of a default App Store product page created to highlight different elements with the objective of customizing user experience and increasing conversions. Trying out product page variations, allows marketers to refine their strategy targeting different segments of their audience, thus optimizing their campaigns. 

You can also use these pages to showcase seasonal or culturally relevant content. Each custom product page can include screenshots, promotional text, and app previews that are different from those on your default product page. Source:

Relevancy is key to engagement

You can create up to 35 custom product pages for your app and showcase different elements on each to discover the mix that helps you reach your goals more effectively. 

  • Compare app icons
  • Tests screenshots variations
  • Try different preview videos
  • Customize promotional text

This feature is available for Apple iOS 15+ and each custom product page is accessible with a unique URL. This means that all traffic directed to a CPP gets there from direct and referral traffic allowing to customize messages to audiences that come from different channels. 

Track and measure custom product pages performance with Smadex

Every element of your AppStore counts and with Smadex you can learn how to leverage page variations to increase conversions. 

Smadex’s advanced campaign management platform allows to separate users into two groups by filtering device IDs by range to have the desired % of users in each group and A/B test to compare page variations. 

Each custom product page is assigned a tracking link with a unique identifier that makes it possible to attribute downloads in the given attribution window. 

Tracking links are associated with the creatives making it possible for advertisers to differentiate them on their end and see the results on Smadex’s platform. 

If you want to try custom product pages, get in touch and request a demo!