This digital advertising transparency initiative was developed by IAB UK to help buyers understand more about the companies operating in digital advertising.

As the digital advertising market demands higher standards from ad tech platforms, initiatives as the IAB UK Transparency Framework become more important than ever. To be part of these initiatives together with other players in the industry is part of our efforts in building a more transparent programmatic landscape by moving towards a more trusted, transparent, measurable, and accountable digital advertising ecosystem.

Smadex’s strong programmatic technology enables advertisers to acquire quality new customers and reach their target audience at scale in brand-safe environments. Our platform is focused on enabling apps, agencies, and brands to build their mobile strategies by providing a full range of solutions powered by our machine learning capabilities and centered on providing advanced reporting tools such as multidimensional reporting, cohort analysis, and inventory forecasting. 

Smadex works with major partners to guarantee high-quality inventory and viewability standards. Being part of this initiative fosters our efforts for transparency, addressing major issues that affect the digital advertising industry under three different categories: Pricing, Placement, and Data Management. You can access all the details on TFAQs for Smadex

“The Transparency FAQs is a voluntary initiative that we hope ad tech companies will embrace as they will help buyers understand the landscape more easily,” said Tim Elkington, Chief Digital Officer at IAB UK to Mobile Marketing Magazine.

Smadex has been awarded the IAB Gold Standard Certification, gained the verification for JICWEBS Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG) Good Practice Principles by industry-owned media auditor ABC, and was recently recognized as best-in-class DSP for fraud-free installs by mobile measurement company Kochava. Smadex continues its commitment to industry transparency, brand safety and the fight against fraud by joining the IAB UK Transparency Initiative.