We are excited to announce our new partnership with MOAT, to drive higher viewability standards and brand safety for mobile advertising campaigns. By using the MOAT SaaS platform, Smadex gains access to in-depth analytics and insights in order to maximize the value of campaigns for advertisers.

The digital advertising market now demands high standards for viewability from ad tech platforms. Working with MOAT, Smadex will be able to deliver and guarantee that ads are being seen by real human audiences and are always viewable.

For video advertising, this partnership now enables agencies and brands to trade using Mobile DSP Smadex’s Cost Per Completed View (CPCV). The video trading model guarantees that each ad is seen by a human person and certifies each view as viewable by MOAT.

In addition to viewability thresholds, MOAT offers many “ATTENTION” metrics, such as dwell time, which go beyond measuring whether an ad is simply seen or not. These attention metrics improve digital advertisers’ ability to optimize towards engagement and more philosophically, take us one step closer towards creating some link yet to be determined between the industry and sales.

The MOAT partnership aligns with Smadex’s commitment to innovating towards 100% brand safety and will act as another layer to the platform’s existing brand safety efforts. Some of which are Smadex’s use of ads.txt as standard practice in all campaigns and working with whitelists and PMPs from the leading ad exchanges.

Smadex has already integrated Integral Ad Science’s (IAS) pre-bid and post-bid solutions, adding MOAT now gives Smadex users access to the top two leading independent platforms for viewability and brand safety.