We are excited to announce the launch of native ads on the Smadex platform. This will give advertisers a new strong and engaging ad format with global scale that will increase reach across target audiences. We will be launching with access to native ads on the MoPub exchange and integrating more native supply sources during Q2 2016 to boost global scale.


Example of food app for brands


We’ve seen first hand via our platform that larger or more engaging ad formats deliver on average better performance versus standard banners. Also numerous studies have been published that point to native ads delivering a significant increase in performance over other ad formats. Furthermore, the large social network platforms like Facebook and Twitter have already established native as the main ad format, which further backs up that native ads are working.

The elements of a native ad unit enable advertisers to more effectively communicate messages by including text and images that fit more seamlessly and less obtrusively into an app or mobile site. With ads that fit in the look and feel of an app or mobile site and are labeled as sponsored, consumers know what they are getting versus a banner ad. All this contributes to native performing better than banner ads. So long as native ads continue to demonstrate that they perform better than banners and supply grows, budgets are likely to shift. Advertisers can now start running native ads on the Smadex platform.

Native ads creative requirements

  • Title = 25 characters
  • Text = 100 characters
  • Icon image = 80×80 (recommended file size < 15KB)
  • Main image = 1200×627 (recommended file size < 100KB for phones, and < 150KB for tablets)
  • Link = URL
  • Call-to-Action = 15 character limit. If not specified, it will default to ‘Install’

For Smadex self-service advertisers, you will need to choose the native option in the creative section and add your creative elements.

To find out more about getting started with native contact us.