We’ve updated our DMP and we will be giving some advertisers access to a beta version. This gives advertisers a powerful tool for managing campaign data, custom segments and third parties, accessible via the Smadex platform.

The DMP gives advertisers a single dashboard view across first, second and third party data in a one place that lets them manage all aspects of their audience targeting via an easy to use user interface.

The DMP will enable advertisers to create segments based on live campaign interactions and build those groups in real-time; for example, an advertiser would be able target users that watched an entire video ad with special offers using another ad format.

Advertisers will also be able bring their own data into play and upload this information directly, securely and encrypted into the DMP for use with any campaign.

All custom segments and advertiser data will only be viewable and accessible by the advertiser account.

With third party data, the DMP will enable advertisers to store all segments in a single location with full descriptions and pricing information and then add those segments into campaign lines.

We will be working on our DMP phase 2 closely with customers.

For more information about the Smadex DMP, and how to get involved with our beta service, contact us.