We are excited to announce the new integration with Mintegral, bringing together Mintegral’s vast mobile inventory and Smadex’s advanced targeting and optimization technology.

This integration will provide advertisers with access to a wide range of global in-app traffic, as well as the ability to target and optimize their campaigns for the most valuable users. With Mintegral’s inventory and Smadex DSP technology working together, advertisers will be able to reach their target audiences at scale, resulting in increased efficiency and performance. 

Both Smadex and Mintegral are committed to providing their clients with the best possible solutions in mobile advertising, and this integration is a testament to that commitment.

We believe that Mintegral’s in-app traffic will bring good performance to our campaigns, especially in gaming, one of our big focuses for 2023. Since one of Smadex’s top priorities is to reduce intermediaries (resellers) with Supply Path 

Optimization, we are focusing on direct SDK traffic and that’s exactly what we get integrating with Mintegral. Lenka Knezova, Head of Supply at Smadex

About Mintegral

Mintegral is a leading mobile ad network that offers an AI-driven, programmatic, and interactive advertising platform focused 100% on in-app traffic. The platform serves as a one-stop mobile advertising solution that bridges the gap between East and West, providing advertisers with access to a wide range of global in-app inventory. 

They offer advanced targeting options, real-time bidding, and transparent reporting to help clients achieve their advertising goals. The platform utilizes machine learning algorithms to optimize campaigns and deliver the most relevant ads to users, ensuring high levels of engagement and ROI. Integrating with Mintegral allows clients to elevate their mobile advertising efforts.

If you want to learn more about what Smadex and Mintegral can do for you, get in touch