Smadex has recently completed its integration with BidMachine, a cutting-edge supply-side platform (SSP). This collaboration promises to revolutionize in-app bidding technology and open up new horizons for app creators and developers seeking enhanced monetization strategies.

About BidMachine: Transforming In-App Bidding

BidMachine, a proprietary in-app bidding technology released in 2019, has rapidly gained recognition for its innovative approach to app monetization. This platform has democratized the auction process by allowing app creators and publishers to work with multiple agents, marketers, and ad networks. The result? A more transparent and efficient ad-buying process, where both publishers and advertisers reap the benefits.

The integration of BidMachine with in-app bidding and hybrid monetization models has proven to be a game-changer. App creators utilizing this technology have witnessed remarkable improvements in key performance indicators, including eCPM (effective cost per mille), ARPDAU (average revenue per daily average user), and overall revenue. This success is largely attributed to the liberation of time spent managing waterfalls, which now allows app creators to focus on optimizing their content and user experience.

Smadex and BidMachine: A Perfect Match

One of the most significant advantages that caught Smadex’s attention is BidMachine’s direct SDK traffic. In the supply domain, Smadex emphasizes supply path optimization (SPO) and aims to work with direct traffic rather than through resellers. The integration with BidMachine aligns perfectly with this goal, ensuring a seamless and direct connection to app inventory. 

Additionally, BidMachine’s exclusive focus on the gaming industry resonates with Smadex’s objectives. The gaming sector has seen tremendous growth, with a massive user base, making it a strategic area for app creators and advertisers alike. This alignment between Smadex and BidMachine promises great potential for future collaborations and mutual growth. 

Furthermore, the fact that BidMachine operates with pure in-app traffic is of utmost importance. Smadex has already seen strong performance from BidMachine, which is extremely important, being a user acquisition-focused DSP. As the world increasingly shifts towards mobile app usage, focusing on in-app monetization models ensures that advertisers and app creators stay ahead of the curve. BidMachine’s expertise in this area and Smadex’s capabilities make for a powerful partnership.

Collaboration Beyond Monetization

Another exciting aspect of this integration is the close collaboration facilitated by the physical proximity of the companies. With BidMachine also having an office in Barcelona, we can work closely with the team on various projects. 

As the app industry flourishes, partnerships like this are a testament to the potential for growth and success. Together, Smadex and BidMachine are determined to empower app creators and developers, offering them the tools they need to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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