We are happy to announce our new partnership with neutral mobile data exchange adsquare, offering agencies and brands access to unique premium data providers for mobile devices.

adsquare offers advertisers access to a vast array of mobile data, derived from offline, online and mobile behaviours. Premium data partners include Acxiom, Mastercard and GfK. Advertisers can access adsquare via its self-service Audience Management Platform which provides full control and transparency and include advanced audience modelling tools including real-time reach forecasting. Further, adsquare also offers access to first-party data via its private marketplace.

adsquare is now available to all advertisers through the Smadex DMP which is accessible via the self-service platform. Here advertisers will be able to arrange or create their campaign audiences with one click, label them, and re-use these  audiences across any number of campaigns or lines.

“We are excited about the partnership with Smadex.“ says Vincent Tessier, VP Demand EMEA at adsquare. “As a mobile-first data exchange, we are eager about partnering with leading DSPs who put mobile in the center of their strategy. Making our data portfolio available to all Smadex clients is an important step for us, particularly because of the great video capabilities that Smadex offers”.

About adsquare

adsquare is the neutral mobile data exchange, bringing together advertisers and data providers in a fair, secure and privacy-friendly way. The platform has been built mobile-first, operates in real-time and enables advertisers to leverage data for panoramic audience targeting and precise moment marketing. Programmatic buyers can take control via the self-service Audience Management Platform which gives them full transparency in buying data, creating audiences and activating them for their DSP of choice. adsquare offers a broad portfolio of data from mobile, online and offline sources including data partners such as Acxiom, Mastercard or TomTom. In addition, advertisers can discover the marketplace for private deals with first-party data owners including app developers, publishers and other companies. adsquare works compliant with strict European privacy laws and has been awarded the ePrivacyseal for best practice data handling. For more information visit adsquare.com follow @adsquarecom or contact info@adsquare.com.