During 2016, we invested heavily in developing a strong programmatic video platform and offering that builds on our already solid reputation and credibility in the space.

Our goal in 2017 is to give advertisers the strongest platform for fully managing video advertising campaigns on both mobile and desktop as we roll out during the year our cross-device capabilities.

We’ve summarised below our main video developments during the last year.


Listening to and understanding advertiser requirements, we’ve developed self-service tools that enable advertisers to fully manage their video campaigns via the Smadex platform, including video optimization.

Video optimization: We give advertisers full transparency of the performance of video campaigns against publishers, together with the most powerful and easy to use optimization tool in the market so that they can optimize against completion rate (CVR), Cost Per View (CPV) and Cost Per Completed View (CPCV). With this tool, advertisers can select specific bid prices for any publisher they want based on the transparent video metrics shown. They can also blacklist any publisher or publishers based on filters which advertisers can create themselves (for example those with more than X views and a CPCV higher than any amount they want).

Screenshot of the video optimization tool

video optimization

Video reporting: Advertisers can track and manage video campaigns across quartile views, CPV, CPCV and CVR in real-time.

Video inventory forecasting: One of the biggest challenges advertisers face working with ad tech platforms is knowing what inventory is available across different ad formats by country and other dimensions. We’ve developed an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that enables advertisers to easily explore and discover global inventory options.

Screenshot of the inventory forecasting tool

inventory forecasting


We’ve integrated the main global mobile third party data platforms and launched our own proprietary DMP to give advertisers data options for improved targeting.

Third party data: Adsquare, Factual, Statiq

DMP: We’ve launched our proprietary DMP enabling advertisers to build custom audiences; campaign segments and management of third party data in one place.

Premium video ad inventory

Premium mobile video ad inventory is scarce; to address that we’ve integrated with top ad exchanges that support video and high-quality premium publishers to give advertisers massive scale with local known publications.

Ad exchanges: Google AdX, Rubicon, AOL One Video (Adapt.tv, Nexage), Pubmatic, SpotX, Teads, MoPub, Opera Mediaworks, Smart Ad server

Video ad formats and standards

The mobile video landscape is fragmented and hindered by ad formats that work against giving advertisers global scale; in other words, exchanges support few ad formats at scale and different ad formats tend to work better with certain KPIs (for example, pre-roll is good for Completion Rate but not for Click Through Rate or Cost Per Unique Visit metric). To address this issue we support all standards and ad formats across all integrated exchanges. By doing so, we give advertisers optimum reach and scale across premium marketplaces to address all video campaign KPIs.


Ad formats: In-stream (pre-roll), out-stream (native, interstitial, vertical, rich media and reward)

To find out more about how Smadex can help you achieve your campaign goals and reach target audiences with video and contact sales[at]smadex[dot]com.