Our partnership with Smadex has been instrumental in driving the success of our mobile app, with a significant uplift in valuable installs and improved user engagement through CTV. This has solidified CTV as a full-funnel marketing channel for reaching and engaging our target audiences. We look forward to further leveraging the power of CTV with Smadex as we continue to grow and expand our mobile app presence.

Sara Guerola, Product Marketing Manager at Bandai Namco Mobile

Staying ahead of the competition requires innovative marketing strategies in the fast-paced mobile gaming world. Bandai Namco Mobile, a renowned multinational game publisher, embraced the opportunity to explore Connected TV (CTV) as a new marketing channel and partnered with Smadex to promote one of their flagship games.

The Rising Opportunity of CTV

Smadex proposed Connected TV (CTV) as the ideal channel for Bandai Namco Mobile’s user acquisition campaign. CTV combines the best online advertising with linear TV’s extensive reach. With CTV users projected to reach 24.3 million in the US alone by 2027, it presents a valuable opportunity for brands to engage with receptive and engaged viewers. CTV offers precise, contextual segmentation and enables tracking and measuring campaign performance through a Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP).

CTV for User Acquisition

To test the effectiveness of Connected TV for user acquisition, Smadex ran the campaign for 20 days, targeting two specific US states. Following this period, they conducted an incrementality test to assess the impact of Smadex CTV ads. By tracking the total number of installs in the targeted locations and comparing them, they gained a comprehensive understanding of the user acquisition performance.

Astounding Results

Bandai Namco Mobile’s successful campaign with Smadex demonstrated the immense potential of CTV as a full-funnel marketing channel. By reaching and engaging their target audiences effectively, they witnessed a remarkable increase in valuable installs and user retention. As the Connected TV user base continues to grow, it presents a lucrative opportunity for businesses looking to expand their reach and connect with receptive viewers.

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