Now more than ever, advertisers need to distinguish the variables that move the needle, and SKAdnetwork won’t provide much guidance. In fact, only a handful of data points received can be used for campaign optimization.


Information available through SKAd postbacks for campaign optimization
The only information received through SKAd postbacks.

Yes, SKAd does provide information. But, as you see, most of the signals it provides are not useful for campaign optimization. What’s more, the fields for conversion-value and source-app-id will only be received after reaching Apple’s privacy threshold. In few words, they will not be available for the first phase of your campaign nor campaign optimization.

In this context, there’s one key field that advertisers will need to master: the 100 values available for campaign_ID. The challenge relies on decoding these data points, so you will need to decide how to use them wisely.


6 creatives   x    5 exchanges   x   3 campaigns   =  90 campaign_id’s

Smadex Flexible Mapping for SKAd Campaign Optimization

All in all, SKAdNetwork has put in motion a new mobile programmatic framework marked by data receipt delays, loss of user-level data, and reduced visibility of post-install events.

Smadex’s Flexible Mapping is the superpower advertisers have been waiting for. Our new tool allows advertisers to organize the 100 available campaign_IDs on SKAd to map creatives, connection type, ad size… or any other variable most relevant for their campaigns.  

With Smadex new solution, advertisers can identify which combinations of variables get the best performance without uniquely identifying the user and complying with Apple privacy rules.

“It’s like building your own algorithm based on what you need to know to optimize for SKAd. You can do it yourself, directly from the Smadex platform.”

Jordi de Los Pinos, CEO at Smadex

Want to know more about Flexible Mapping and how to implement it for your campaigns? Get in touch with our team.