We’ve recently released a new retargeting feature in our self-service mobile DSP under the Audiences tab, called Activity Audiences. This new feature enables advertisers to generate new audience segments in real-time, based on campaign events such as banner views, clicks and video views. For advertisers, this is a very, very powerful feature.

Data capture

For the first time, advertisers will be able to create custom audience segments based on specific in campaign events that they are interested in and generate those new segments in real-time as the campaign is running. These new segments are stored in the Smadex DMP.

For example, with a video campaign, advertisers will be able to create a segment of users that have been exposed to the ad and watched the video for 30 seconds. This is extremely powerful and clearly underlines the value of digital and mobile.

Moreover, this data has enormous value and potential for smart advertisers: simply knowing what users have been exposed to your 30 second commercial means a) you know what consumers have been exposed to your brand, b) there is a general awareness about your offering and c) enables retargeting or lower level sales funnel activities.


Retargeting in this context is about reconnecting with users based on specific in-campaign events and applying different treatment strategies.

For example, let’s say that you are the planner at a global brand and you have just run a mobile video campaign via Smadex to extend your audience reach in the UK with hard to reach Generation Z. This segment spends most of their time with their mobile phones.

Having the capability to generate a gen_z_completed_video_view_30_second segment would enable you as the planner to tap into this audience again with follow on treatment strategies. One example could be a geo-location campaign using full screen ads for strong branding and messaging to drive in store visits after being exposed to the video ad.

Furthermore, advertisers can overlay third party data sets from Factual, Adsquare or Weve and provide an additional layer of filtering for improved campaign targeting.


The new Activity Audiences are private and only viewable and accessible by advertisers via their Smadex accounts. Advertisers will be able reuse these segments at later dates and across different campaigns.

For more information about using Activity audiences, contact us..