This year the world has been celebrating the 150th anniversary of the discovery of the periodic table of elements and the foundation of a common scientific language. In honor of the momentous occasion, Headway launched its own Periodic Table of Programmatic Elements.   

The interactive tool was created to give complete visibility of all the segments and targeting options available for optimizing and define key terms and concepts in programmatic media buying. The table is composed of 85 “elements”, and each is grouped according to Inventory, Technology, Creativity, Data, and Goals.

The first version of this resource was launched in 2015 when the advertising industry had only recently begun to discover this method of media buying. At the time, the halo of mysticism shrouding the integration of technologies and data meant that many advertisers were left out. 

The Programmatic Elements tool was created for marketers who are not specialists, in hopes of providing a transparent view of the entire programmatic landscape. The tool aims to show that transitioning to programmatic is not as complicated as it can sometimes appear and that it’s not necessary to know quantum physics to work with Programmatic.

The first version of the table was downloaded by over 15,000 marketers in all it’s various versions worldwide. The newly updated table includes new elements in the evolving programmatic ecosystem, like in-app marketing, new screens, and ad formats. 

The tool is available at