We’re excited to announce that we’ve integrated AOL’s One Video, giving advertisers access to more high-quality premium mobile video inventory. Agencies and brands will now be able plan and buy using whitelists and deal IDs on the One Video marketplace via the Smadex platform.

Unlike banner ads, high-quality premium video is a scarcity and our goal as a programmatic video platform is to provide agencies and brands with a single access point to the largest supply of premium high-quality video inventory across all video standards (MRAID, VAST and VPAID) and ad formats (pre-roll, interstitial, vertical, native, rich media and reward).

With full transparency on programmatic buying and reporting, advertisers have control and can tap into direct publisher deals and traffic campaigns across multiple ad exchanges with consolidated reporting and optimization.

For more information on how to buy mobile video campaigns on One Video or other video ad exchanges, contact us.