The demand for native ads continues to grow as more and more brands and agencies are allocating larger portions of their budgets to intelligent mobile formats.

The large social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, were early adopters of native mobile advertising. Their investment into the ad format and their subsequent addition of native video are solid indicators that brands and users both like the less disruptive ad format and that they are producing good results.

In the same way the large social networks offer advertisers placements within their walled gardens, Smadex offers massive scale across thousands of high-quality mobile web and in-app publishers.

Brands and agencies can create whitelists or PMPs and buy via CPM or CPCV for native video. Brand safety and viewability are ensured through Smadex’s advanced integrations with Integral Ad Science and MOAT, as well as through the platform’s standard ads.txt authorization.

Why are native ads gaining traction?

First and foremost, native ads are fundamentally different from banner ads in that they often appear as part of the flow of a mobile web page or app. Rather than standing out like banner ads, native ads do their best to blend into the page/app’s look and feel and allow advertisers a softer selling approach.

Reddit has now native ads available on all platforms – PPC Land

In a world where mobile web and apps are increasingly saturated with advertising, native ads give advertisers an alternative format that cuts through the noise, generates higher levels of engagement, and provides a better end user experience.

For more information about native mobile advertising contact the Smadex sales team.