Webinar Takeways

The release of SKAN 4.0 brings new features and new options for app developers and ad networks. However, it remains a very complex subject that requires preparation in advance in order to make it work.

During our Mobile Game Marketing with SKAN live webinar session we asked the audience where do they stand when it comes to SKAN 4.0, to get a glimpse on where everyone stands, and these were the results:

  • 45% “I have already started getting informed”
  • 33% “I didn’t even start to get my head around it”
  • 21% “I’m digesting the information available and starting to make a plan”

What are the main differences between the current SKAN version and SKAN 4.0?


The main difference between the current SKAN version and SKAN 4.0 is regarding the multiple conversion windows. The previous version of SKAN only had one postback event tied up to the initial install. With the new version, they have added 3 different postbacks.


Apple has created three different timer windows after the install, in which they will record all the post-install events that the advertiser sets up with the MMP. When these different windows end, we will receive the postback.

Crowd Anonymity

However, even though there’s the good news about having three different windows, there’s a catch: not all windows are going to be sending back the same information. The information received will depend on one new threshold level defined by the level of crowd anonymity. 

Crowd anonymity is a concept introduced by Apple in the new SKAN 4.0 version and it refers to a system that determines the level of privacy based on the number of installs generated from a campaign. In other words, by having a bigger crowd (i.e higher number of installs) it’s more difficult to pinpoint where the install came from and identify specific users and we would receive more information.


There are new thresholds for each window separated by tiers in which, by receiving more installs, we receive more information. 

It’s definitely the time to start preparing for all the changes that are coming, so we also asked our webinar audience when they think that we can expect SKAD 4.0 working at scale?

  • 5% –  Q1 2023 
  • 30% –  Q2 2023
  • 45% – Q3 2023
  • 20% – Q4 2023

There are many players and many factors involved in the adoption of SKAN 4.0 which makes it a bit difficult to determine when we are going to see it working at scale. Either way, we can all agree that Q1 is the time to test and start preparing for what’s to come.

What should marketers do now to prepare for SKAN 4.0?

  • Update your MMP SDK to utilize the new features of SKAN 4.0
  • Ask your media partners about their timelines and plans for starting to sign with version 4.0
  • If you’re running with any web media partners today, you can ask if they’re planning to implement SKAN now
  • Plan how to utilize the Coarse-grained values for your apps (what’s a “High” user for you?)
  • Consider which models to use for the 2nd and 3rd postbacks (the most common recommendation is purchase values)

Key takeaways

SKAN is complex, so it’s very important to be one step ahead, understand it, and test early. Figuring it out at an early stage might give advertisers an advantage to utilize it and generate more profit.

At Smadex we continue to work towards the improvement of iOS campaign perfomance with our Felixible Mapping solution which allows advertisers to use the 100 campaign ID’s combinations available on SKAd to maximize the data points the algorithm can use to increase performance. This tool can be used to monitor a wide range of variables that can be key to driving more successful campaigns.

You can access the full webinar recording by following the link.