The Smadex Growth Squad attended last week the Israel Mobile Summit. This event brought together app marketers, growth specialists, publishers, and industry leaders in the heart of Israel’s tech hub. The summit served as a platform for insightful panels, networking opportunities, and a glimpse into the mobile industry’s future.

The Panels

Among the many engaging panels, I participated in the panel: “Can I SKAN your badge?… Privacy vs. Attribution.” It served as an interesting conversation that shed light on the evolving landscape of privacy attribution method with the new SKAN 4.0 version and the upcoming Android Privacy Sandbox. I would take from this discussion the agreement between the panelists that privacy changes are here to stay; it is key, therefore, to adapt to SKAN and APS as soon as possible.

The Networking

Networking at the event was a resounding success. We had the privilege of hosting a booth that garnered significant attention from fellow attendees. This allowed us to engage in meaningful conversations and establish valuable connections.

In addition to the main event, Smadex organized a dinner with clients that stood out as an exceptional occasion. The evening was filled with not only delectable food but also captivating conversations. This setting created a more comfortable atmosphere, enabling us to connect on a deeper level and develop a sense of friendship and shared understanding. Ultimately, it enhanced our bond and collaboration with the clients, leading to more fruitful and productive partnerships.

Israel Mobile Summit Summary

Attending the Israel Mobile Summit presented numerous valuable insights and opportunities. The event served as a catalyst for expanding industry knowledge, gaining fresh perspectives, and exploring potential collaborations. The networking experiences, both at our booth and during dinner, opened doors to exciting possibilities for future partnerships and ventures.

Panel: Can I SKAN your badge?… Privacy vs. Attribution