It was great to be back in Hamburg!

Gamesforum is the home of the mobile games industry professionals and this time, it gathered the Hamburg gaming scene, which is the biggest in the country. The city is home to important German gaming companies like Bytro Labs, Innogames, and Goodgames.

Panels Summary

Creatives optimization is a very hot topic for UA managers and was one of the main discussions during the event. Pau Quevedo, VP of Gaming at Smadex, participated in the “The Gamesforum Creative Panel: Ideation to Problematic” to discuss the latest trends in creatives. From AI-generated creatives to enhancing the User Experience to harmful and problematic ads.

Along with Vladislav Ladhizenski, Head of Growth at Sunday, Gus Viegas, Head of Growth at Lessmore, and Justin Nield, Creative Solutions Lead at Kayzen, they dived into the creatives world, sharing their learnings and knowledge on how to leverage creatives for growth.

There were many interesting panels around user acquisition and monetization. On the ad monetization front, we see many important changes coming soon. The new way Google will help publishers monetize was a big topic during the conference, being something that will affect the whole industry, and UA managers have to understand how to maneuver this new scenario.

Connected TV (CTV) was also the center of many conversations as a format many studios are considering trying out. This new channel is very popular across audiences and provides marketers with a unique opportunity to reach gamers in uncluttered media.

Even though it is an important topic in the industry, there was silence around SKAN 4.0 and its implications once Facebook adopts it this summer.

Networking Experience

Gamesforum gathers industry professionals from all areas. From development to publishing and solutions companies, it presents a perfect opportunity to meet and network with mobile gaming peers.

During both days of the event, there were many sessions for attendees to meet, share a couple of drinks, and continue the conversation. Smadex hosted a mixer along with Mintegral, “App-etizing Pizza Party,” for Gamesforum attendees to unwind, mingle and share some delicious wood-fired pizza overlooking River Elbe.

It was great to see so many exciting things coming up and share insights on how mobile game marketers will have to adapt to many new scenarios and trends, as we’ve always done!