At Smadex, we understand the importance of delivering results and standing out in the competitive world of app marketing. SKOverlay is a powerful tool that offers a competitive advantage in promoting your iOS apps.

What is SKOverlay

Apple introduced this feature on iOS 14.5 to help developers and businesses promote their apps within other apps. What sets SKOverlay apart is its ability to display rich, interactive ads accompanied by a banner-sized overlay, providing users the option to install the advertised app seamlessly within their current app. The result is a streamlined, user-friendly experience that enhances engagement.

Benefits of Using SKOverlay

  • Improved User Experience: these ads blend seamlessly with the iOS interface, providing a non-disruptive and seamless user experience. Users can interact with the ad, dismiss it, or install the app without leaving their current activity.
  • Increased Engagement: SKOverlay is more engaging since users can interact with rich content, including videos, images, text, buttons, and sliders, all within their current app, leading to higher click-through rates and conversions.
  • Improved SKAN Measurement: SKOverlay seamlessly integrates with SKAdNetwork (SKAN), allowing precise measurement of the performance of ad campaigns and app installations.

How to Maximize Your SKOverlay Strategy

  • Create Engaging Ads: Craft interactive ads that captivate users’ attention. Utilize it alongside videos and rich end cards, including labels, images, text, buttons, and sliders, to make your content informative and compelling.
  • Target Your Audience: these ads can be precisely targeted to specific demographics, interests, and app usage behavior. Ensure that the right audience sees your ads to boost conversion rates.
  • Track Your Results: Use SKAN or your MMP to measure the performance of your SKOverlay ad campaigns. The insights you gain will help you optimize your campaigns over time for better results.


SKOverlay is a game-changing tool that improves the user experience, streamlines app installations, boosts engagement, and offers accurate measurement through SKAN integration.

Smadex’s clients have experienced between +20-50% IPM lift implementing SKOverlay ads. By incorporating it into your iOS ad campaigns, you can also maximize your app’s potential and stand out in the competitive world of mobile app marketing. Reach out, and we will let you know how!