In the dynamic digital advertising landscape shifting toward privacy, adaptability is crucial. At Smadex, we see challenges as opportunities for innovation. With the introduction of SKAdNetwork in 2021, Smadex rose to the occasion by developing Flexible Mapping, our tool for optimizing SKAN campaigns. Now, get ready to meet an even more flexible version of Flexible Mapping, taking SKAN optimization to new heights.

First Time Hearing About Flexible Mapping?

Flexible Mapping is a purpose-built SKAN tool that allows advertisers to leverage the 100 campaign ID combinations provided by SKAN, maximizing data points for algorithmic optimization. In simpler terms, this tool unblocks granular reporting for SKAN campaigns.

Want to know what the best-performing Creatives are? No problem. We can use Smadex’s Flexible Mapping to map creatives and be able to see how the different creatives are performing in your campaign.

The Power of the Flexier Flexible Mapping 2.0

It’s not just an upgrade; it’s a revolution for SKAN optimizations. This enhanced version offers even more flexibility, enabling us to monitor different variables for each campaign. Picture this: you’re running two campaigns, and with this updated tool, you can generate SKAN granularity reports for each selected campaign or only for the desired one.

Minor enhancements to the tool will also grant smoother changes and minimize Campaign ID usage by making sure no redundant combinations are avoided.

Breaking Through SKAN’s Limitations

Without Flexible Mapping, advertisers are left in the dark with limited SKAN insights – only knowing which campaigns resulted in installs without understanding the best-performing variable from the campaign. With the Flexier Flexible Mapping, advertisers will now have the capability to pinpoint the best combination of variables that can truly move the needle.

How Is This Going to Affect SKAN 4.0?

The enhanced nine-option Source Identifier in the updated version will also positively impact SKAN 4.0. This increased flexibility allows you to generate a vast array of variable combinations within the nine options. For example, by mapping three placement types and three SSPs, you can gain insights into multi-variable performance rather than just single-variable analysis.

Another differentiator will be for the second and third windows. These windows are crucial for understanding user retention, and the postbacks will only receive the last two digits of the Source ID. Therefore, the ability to generate new IDs with some dimension granularity becomes vital for reporting visibility and optimization.

Unlock the Potential of SKAN With Smadex’s Flexier Flexible Mapping

If you are excited to explore the capabilities of the Flexier Flexible Mapping and discover how Smadex can elevate your campaigns, get in touch with us. Embrace the future of SKAN optimization with Smadex – where flexibility, transparency, and performance come together.