Smadex integrates Dailymotion for programmatic mobile video



We are excited to announce that Smadex has integrated into the Dailymotion Exchange (DMX) for programmatic access to global mobile in-stream video inventory and audiences. Dailymotion is one the largest mobile video publishers in the world with billions of available video impressions per month.

For advertisers, this will give them access to Dailymotion’s premium global mobile in-stream video inventory via open market auctions or direct deals using Deal ID via the Smadex platform.

The mobile video space is fragmented with publishers adopting different ad format; that presents advertisers wanting use video with challenges around reach and scale. Adding DMX will enable Smadex’s clients to tap into another mobile video ad format in addition to VAST and MRAID that are already supported on the Smadex platform.

Contact us to find out more about programmatically buying premium Dailymotion audiences via Smadex.

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