A closer look to Cohort reporting

Gerard Colomer
Gerard Colomer

Wondering what part of your marketing is bringing you the best results? Do you want to know if the latest released creative concept is attracting more loyal customers?

A cohort is a set of users grouped together based on a common identifier. A typical use in mobile app marketing is to understand the user’s post-install behavior on their engagement lifespan. By doing a cohort analysis, a marketer can identify, as an example, which day the campaign acquired the users with the highest buy rate % after 7 days (D7), and gather insights to replicate those actions in the future.

Smadex’s Cohort Analysis feature allows marketers to define a number of variables to analyze including: 

  • Buys
  • Buy Rate %
  • ROAS %
  • Revenue
  • Cost per Buy
  • Installs

Cohort Reporting is part of Smadex’s recent release of Smadex Hub, a totally revamped campaign management platform and analytics suite that includes our multi-dimensional reporting and inventory forecasting, providing unlimited opportunities for app marketing who value transparency on their media buys. 

Take a closer look at everything you can do with Smadex’s new Cohort Analysis tool:

Interested in learning more about Smadex Cohort Analysis? Talk to some of our specialists.  

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