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Product release: New advanced optimization tool for performance advertisers


We are excited to announce the release of our new optimization tool that gives performance advertisers detailed granular data and a lot more power and control over their campaigns.

Most mobile ad tech platforms do not give advertisers the optimization tools and transparency they need to manage their campaigns. That’s because mobile Ad Networks and Demand-Side Platforms tend to operate a managed service model and that hides everything from advertisers. Advertisers are the mercy of these demand platforms and their ad ops team giving best efforts to optimize campaigns. For power users or advertisers that have user acquisition teams, that simply is not good enough – they need detailed level information to better understand how to scale campaigns and reach acquisition or monetization metrics.

For self-service platforms like Smadex, our challenge is to build awesome features that give performance advertisers that use our self-service platform, access and transparency to detailed granular campaign data and powerful control over campaigns to boost performance.

Our latest release is an optimization module that gives advertisers the most granular level view across all dimensions (including ad exchange, publisher, creative and line) and available metrics (CTR, impressions, clicks, eCPA and more). This is full transparency across all ad exchanges down to publisher for all dimensions and metrics.

This is an extremely powerful tool that enables advertisers to build custom reports on-the-fly using multi-filters to drill-down to publisher level data and to build that detailed view of what’s going on. All custom-reports are actionable and we give advertisers to option to exclude / include [previously excluded ones] at publisher level for every row returned.

The optimization module is already live on the Smadex platform and self-service users will find this option on the reporting page.

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