ironSource in-game ad inventory now available to Smadex advertisers

Paula Kiernan
Paula Kiernan

The ad exchange is pairing with Smadex this month, joining the 35 mobile-focused exchanges already integrated into the Smadex DSP. ironsource addition will allow Smadex’s customers to leverage their strategies thanks to its global reach and high publisher quality. 

Ranked 3rd in Appsflyer’s Global Ranking for Performance both on Android and iOS, Ironsource is heavily committed to transparency as well, providing a clear, optimal supply path for mobile ads and full post-campaign placement reporting. 

As the mobile-first programmatic platform focused on performance, Smadex has grown to become the chosen partner of large-scale mobile advertisers focused on reaching their KPIs on a global scale due to its commitment to transparency and performance. 

“The integration of Ironsource marks one more step in our commitment to delivering only high-quality traffic to our customers”, expressed Jordi de los Pinos, CEO at Smadex.


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