Announcing global partnership with Factual for location and audience data


We are excited to announce our new global partnership with Factual, the leading global location and data company that gives us access to their Geopulse Audience and Geopulse Proximity tools. The partnership will give advertisers access to real-time geo-targeting, historical geo-targeting, points-of-interest and geo-derived audience segments for programmatic buying and targeting campaigns across video, rich media and other ad formats via the Smadex Mobile DSP platform.

With Factual Geopulse Audiences, advertisers can build highly customized audience segments based on brand affinity, demographic or customized location segments. All these segmentation options are based on Factual’s deep understanding of users’ real world behaviours.

Factual Geopulse Proximity enables advertisers to geo-fence global places to target past and present users. For example, a retail advertiser could target people in a shop in real-time, people that had been in the shop in the past and people that had visited competitor shops. For each of these groups, the retail advertiser could apply different treatment strategies.

Using Factual’s visual web-based audience design tool, Smadex or advertiser (if they have an agreement with Factual) can plan and design their campaign audience. The final targeting plan can then be created and made available in the Smadex platform.

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