101 Insights on SKAd | Webinar LATAM

101 Insights on SKAd you need to know – Webinar Recap

Paula Kiernan

Entering the final stretch before ATT’s full implementation, staying on top of the latest news can be crucial to minimize the impact on your UA campaigns. With this in mind, we invited industry leaders to share their insights on SKAd.

Learn from the ones who are setting the beat. Understand better how the ecosystem in LATAM is preparing for the soon-to-come changes on mobile programmatic.

During this session, one of our priorities was to get everyone up to speed. We went over the new post-ATT data flow and what are the first steps advertisers need to consider to succeed in this new framework.

Join the conversation. Watch the panel and hear first-hand experiences of leader apps on gaming and fintech.

Our Top Panelists:

  • Mariana Botero from Smadex
  • Albert Puigbó from Smadex
  • Gonzalo Lasaga from Ripio
  • Martín Merola from Etermax
  • Gabriela Benitez from AppsFlyer

Watch The Webinar And Learn The Latest Insights On SKAd

Rewatch the panel here [It’s in Spanish]


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