We’ve been working extra hard to release some truly ground breaking industry leading performance and direct response features this quarter. Here’s a summary of our top feature releases:

New product releases:

Major algorithm update – Performance has always been in our DNA since day one and we’ve been continuously improving our capabilities ever since. With our major algorithm update,  we’ve cracked PROGRAMMATIC + PERFORMANCE. Our completely redesigned logistic regression based performance algorithms are achieving CPA goals for all types of campaigns: installs, registrations, subscriptions, leads, etc. We can run tens of simultaneous models to make campaigns perform from day one. Results so far have been staggering and we have tripled spend for some clients in 2 months.

Bundle ID and domain name – We’ve made it easier to identify publishers using the common approach of bundle ID and domain versus the descriptions used by ad exchanges. You will find this under Workspace > Inventory.

Publisher scan – You can now set maximum budgets per publisher enabling you to test all inventories thereby making sure that you do not spend more than $x on each publisher. This is an awesome performance advertising feature that enables you to discover what KPIs publishers can deliver, from Cost-per-Install to viewability metrics.

Campaign activity segments – Within the Smadex DMP, you can now create custom campaign segments targeting/excluding users that performed (or not) specific events in campaigns. The segments are generated in real-time as campaigns are running which means that you could target users during a flight that for example where exposed to a 30 second video in another line/campaign.

New attribution reporting – We’ve added a new standard report that splits events by attribution type (view, click, cookie, fingerprint based view). With more campaigns looking at attribution models beyond last click and lack of third party platforms that now support this, we needed to give our advertisers an option for this on the platform.