We are excited to announce that we are offering adsquare’s Insights solution to measure and attribute the impact of location-based campaigns to footfall from our Mobile DSP. adsquare is a mobile-first data exchange, bringing together advertisers and data providers in a fair, secure and privacy-friendly.

For those of you new to this topic, the purpose of footfall attribution analysis is to determine that age-old question: Did my marketing spend work?

When advertisers spend on digital media, mobile metrics alone are not enough and they need to understand what has been successful at driving consumers into a store; this is where football attribution provides answers. (Note: Footfall is a retail marketing term used to describe the counting of people that enter a store.)

A footfall attribution study monitors each of the locations targeted during a campaign and analyses users that have been exposed to mobile ads against a control group that has not. The study generates insights and analysis in the following areas: audience analysis, temporal analysis, top stores and competitive analysis.

The important KPI generated is uplift: measuring the impact of mobile ad exposure at driving store visits, determined by comparing those exposed to the ad against those who were not (control group).

Once a location-based campaign has ended, Smadex will send data securely to adsquare for processing and analysis. The study will take a number of weeks to complete.

Smadex’s powerful geo-location tools

Our geo-location option can be found in the work space area, located on the global navigation tab. Advertisers build their geo-location lists and targeting once, save it, and then they can use this list as many times as needed in multiple lines.

To create geo-location targeting, advertisers can either upload a list of latitude longitude coordinates or addresses with zip code (we can support tens of thousands of locations), or individually plot the locations on a map by dropping a pin. Advertisers can create and manage any number of geo-location lists and edit a list at any time. Advertisers can choose the radius for each location within a line.

For more information about running a location-based campaign to drive store visits contact us.