Almost certainly, you spend most of the time analyzing campaigns numbers. Getting ad spend data from different traffic sources, trying to make sense of campaign structures, URLs, creatives, and more. Making the most of your ROI is main job, and you shouldn’t waste most of your valuable time jumping through spreadsheets.

With our API data integration with Appsflyer, you can now see your favorite mobile DSP programmatic cost data directly on your dashboard. You can now calculate ROI on Campaign and Ad level, making it easier to know what campaigns and creatives are performing better on each market.

Appsflyer is one of the leading Mobile Measurement Platforms, used by app marketers to manage conversion attribution, performance analysis and fraud protection.

By integrating automatically Smadex ad cost data directly into your Appsflyer dashboard, you can compare Smadex programmatic ad spend versus other ad networks without having to leave your measurement platform.

You can read more about Appsflyer Campaign cost measurement in Appsflyer Help Center.