Smadex has been selected as a cooperative marketing partner in the ‘GSP Plus’ Project led by the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA).

Smadex is offering its mobile-first Ad-tech Demand Side Platform (DSP) as part of this project. The company’s versatile DSP can support advertising campaigns across mobile web, mobile applications, and Connected TV (CTV). Smadex’s unique service is tailored to each client using customized algorithms to help achieve the desired Cost Per Install (CPI) or Cost Per Action (CPA) goals.

Under the ‘GSP Plus’ project, Smadex will specifically provide CTV branding ad campaigns, which have already demonstrated significant results. Kong Studio reported a 20% improvement in overall performance and a 30% increase in the install volume for their ‘Guardian Tales Nintendo Switch’ title marketed to the US audience with the help of Smadex’s CTV ad campaign.

Smadex ensures transparency and visibility with an interactive dashboard that marketers can utilize. This feature provides real-time data and insights, enabling marketers to keep track of their ad campaigns’ performance.

Smadex has been recognized for its expertise by several renowned game companies. They have previously partnered with Tilting Point, Bandai Namco, Playtika, Rovio, and more. Smadex’s contributions to these companies further emphasize their commitment to providing robust and efficient advertising solutions in the rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape.