The AppsFlyer Partner Program brings together a community of technology companies that can provide value to leading advertisers. The program initiatives focus on:

  • Increasing brand reach
  • Generating new business opportunities
  • Enhancing product enablement
  • Increasing expertise
  • Helping customers innovate

Smadex has 25 in-house certified experts with a deep knowledge of AppsFlyer’s innovative solutions, advanced platform capabilities, and features. Our team understands how to address customers’ most complex mobile challenges by leveraging AppsFlyer’s industry expertise to deliver advertisers the best solutions.

We’re looking forward to making an impact together in our ever-changing mobile ecosystem!


About AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer helps brands make good choices for their business and customers through innovative, privacy-preserving measurement, analytics, fraud protection, and engagement technologies. Built on the idea that brands can increase customer privacy while providing exceptional experiences, AppsFlyer empowers thousands of creators and 10,000+ technology partners to create better, more meaningful customer relationships.

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