When marketers embrace the challenge of trusting new partners to run their advertising campaigns, there is always the feeling of exploring uncharted territories. What should be a glamorous task of buying advertising media, focusing on creativity and thinking about users needs, it has become a continuous process of validating trust.

We are idealists. We believe on the power of advertising to accelerate innovation. The power of bringing apps and products that can make our life better or, at least, more enjoyable.

That’s why when we started building a mobile DSP 10 years ago, we wanted to create the platform that could let marketers to focus on what they were trained for: delivering awesome messages to their audience, without having to worry about attribution fraud, non-viewable impressions or brand safety.

It’s been daunting task. The programmatic ecosystem has evolved, becoming more vast and complex. New publishers joining in every day, new vendors offering every kind of solution that you could imagine and more advertisers asking for results.

About four years ago, the App Growth world, which is completely different from the Branding gang, started to knock our doors. It was a fast growing ecosystem, with businesses that were changing the world and needed to reach as many new users as possible. Same as the early days of the web, they were working on a strict CPA goals, with many ad networks, that in exchange for that performance goals were driving massive blind traffic with no much control.

Measurement Platforms (or MMPs) started to appear in the market trying to put some compliance control on this traffic, and showed that behind that massive traffic there was a lot of cleaning to do.

We needed to bring performance to marketers who were used to not looking at other KPIs than their conversion volume. When you buy programmatic advertising you are going to the lowest and pure level of the supply chain, which is transacted in dCPM.

So, we invested heavily in our technology. In our data science team. We integrated the best technology. And we became very good at it. Hell-ya. With total confidence we can say we are the best Transparent Performance platform for app marketers.

It’s a pleasure to receive news that one of the leading measurement platforms, that transact millions of installs every day, recognized us as the best-in-class DSP for fraud-less installs.

You can download and find us on the latest edition of the Kochava Index.

“We congratulate Smadex for earning a best-in-class DSP for fraud mitigation. As an industry wide issue, we applaud media partners that focus on a clean attribution signal and we believe those are the companies who will survive and thrive.”

Mark Kellogg, Director of Technical Partnerships, Kochava