Fraud is a significant problem in today’s digital world and can be challenging to manage without the right partners. Marketing fraudulent tactics like click spam, click injection, and SDK tricking can cause impressions, clicks, and installs to inflate artificially. Non-compliant activities like misleading content can damage brand reputation and lead to complaints. These fraudulent actions can disrupt acquisition campaigns and consume marketing budgets, costing companies time and money.

MCP Insight and Smadex joined forces to present the “Transparency and Brand Safe Advertising” whitepaper. It provides a comprehensive understanding of how fraud is evolving in the digital world and covers the most common fraud tactics and the solutions that can address these challenges.

About the minds behind the whitepaper

MCP Insight and Smadex have collaborated to present a whitepaper with the aim of educating businesses about the opportunities in the digital world, particularly regarding Direct Carrier Billing (DCB).

MCP Insight provides the mobile payments industry with fraud prevention, risk management, and market intelligence tools. It is a leader in carrier billing and mobile value-added services, serving regulators, payment processors, carriers, aggregators, content providers, and merchants.

Smadex is a platform for mobile growth that provides direct response, performance, and brand advertising campaigns for mobile web, in-app, and CTV. Thanks to transparency, contextual targeting, and customizable machine-learning algorithms, Smadex identifies audiences that are more likely to resonate with and convert to clients’ apps, games, brands, or offers.

“Smadex and MCP is the ideal combination that is required to build sustainable and healthy markets across the DCB vertical and to expand the scope of alternate payment channels.” – Sujai Soy, Chief Marketing Officer at First Screen

Key takeaways

Fraud harms businesses by impacting customer trust, brand reputation, and marketing budgets. Organizations must, therefore, take measures to safeguard their customers and protect their marketing funds from fraudulent activities. This involves preventing unauthorized purchases, personal information theft, and advertising revenue embezzlement.

The key is to invest in human infrastructure to prevent fraud from damaging the mobile content ecosystem. Hire anti-fraud experts to identify fraudulent activity and an anti-fraud manager to work in-house. Consider partnering with independent anti-fraud and trusted sources like Smadex and MCP Insight to enhance workflow and monitor suspicious activity.