AGS San Francisco

The App Growth Summit (AGS) is a conference where app marketers and growth partners come together to learn about the latest trends and hot topics in the mobile industry. It’s a fun, relaxing environment to catch up with old friends and make new ones within the mobile space! Smadex had the opportunity to sponsor the speaker’s dinner and host a panel on CTV, a hugely discussed topic.

The Panels

I participated in the “How to Maximize Your CTV Strategy” panel along with Annie Wang (Sr. UA Manager,  Picsart) and Arpit Patel (App Growth Expert, Agency). We covered the CTV opportunity and uncovered the art of leveraging CTV and DSPs to skyrocket user acquisition campaigns. 

Often, the strategies discussed in mobile marketing are focused on numbers, but we are all just trying to connect with people like ourselves. It felt good to get back to the root of our goals and hear how to engage people like us to download and use the apps we work on.

The Networking

Networking with partners and app growth marketers was great; we had the opportunity and the space to connect for a brief catch-up or a deeper dive into a partnership with Smadex. It felt like a family reunion, seeing faces who have moved around to new companies but stayed within the industry. It’s always fun to catch up with everyone and meet face-to-face in a mainly satellite industry. 

A dinner was hosted for speakers and guests the night before the show, and there was a happy hour following the event, which took place at three different bars.

Satellite Events

While at the dinner, we could speak with interested partners in a more intimate setting and really get to know our fellow friends in the app space. It was held at Water Bar in SF, arguably having one of the best views of any venue in the city. At the end of the conference, we had the happy hour, where we connected with everyone on a lighter, more social note. Although we had some discussions around CTV and other topics discussed on stage, we got a chance to really hang out and get to know everyone’s fun side!

Connected TV (CTV): The Main Talk at AGS San Francisco 2023

Everyone was talking about CTV and optimization strategies. As marketers continue to grow their UA efforts with partners like Smadex, they also seek new avenues to reach those users. When talking to marketers, I felt the pressure they were under to find strategies outside of the norm that are also measurable. It was apparent that  CTV is the most sought-after way for marketers to get in front of their potential user base and remind them of the best ways to engage with their app.


Overall, AGS was a fantastic event where we learned a lot about how marketers are starting to think about growth and try new creative channels to get in front of users. We at Smadex have the unique opportunity to be a leader in the full funnel approach of traditional UA alongside CTV marketing.

This event in SF was a great way to network, catch up, and learn alongside our mobile family! I am excited to continue participating in AGS events in various cities to see if trends and top-of-mind mobile strategies are similar.