The Smadex team recently attended the wonderful AGS London held at Shoreditch Studios a few weeks ago. Our Senior Director of Sales, Stefano Giacopazzi, shared some top-notch insights during the “Amplifying Acquisition” panel alongside Monzo and Holland & Barrett that I think are worth a recap, so let’s dive into the juicy bits!

Evolving Trends in Mobile User Acquisition: The CTV Revolution

Stefano started with a bang, discussing the rapid evolution of mobile user acquisition. In particular, he highlighted the surging interest in CTV (Connected TV) advertising. According to Insider Intelligence, CTV advertising spending is projected to surpass a staggering $25 billion this year, a number that’s only expected to grow. Stefano warned against being fashionably late to the CTV party, drawing a parallel to testing TikTok in 2023 – you don’t want to miss out!

Challenges in Mobile User Acquisition: The Nitty-Gritty

Testing creatives, attribution settings, and targeting options can be daunting. The burning question remains: Should CTV advertising sit with branding or performance teams? Stefano asked the audience for a show of hands regarding CTV testing, and the results were eye-opening – it seems there’s still much-uncharted territory in the realm of CTV.

Unique Strategies for App Developers Amidst Fierce Competition

With the app market getting increasingly competitive, the panel explored strategies to stand out and lure users in. Creative ingenuity was the name of the game. Custom Product Pages, remote configuration, and controlling the rendering of creatives through MRAID were all spotlighted as unique tactics that can give your app the edge it needs.

Balancing User Privacy with Effective Targeting

In an era where data privacy is paramount, Stefano emphasized the importance of obtaining consent and relying on contextual targeting. As probabilistic matching’s days seem numbered, he urged marketers to focus on SKAN (SKAdNetwork) now, especially while MMP data is still available. The key takeaway? Prepare for P-matching to disappear, but whilst we have it, use it to guide which learnings to optimize towards & to fine-tune the performance of your SKAN campaigns.

Retaining Acquired Users: The Holy Grail

Last but not least, Stefano underscored the significance of post-acquisition strategies with a special shout-out to retargeting. Lapsed users can be just as valuable as new ones, and having a well-planned re-engagement strategy is a must. Stefano also hinted at the exciting potential of running retargeting campaigns on CTV, showing that innovation knows no bounds!

If you don´t want to miss out on the opportunity of CTV, contact the team and start testing now.