AGS Austin was a wonderful opportunity to meet new, amazing companies, speak about optimizing UA efforts, and chat further about which channels and strategies are best for long-term app growth.

The Panels

We dove into some of the best practices when it comes to user acquisition, optimizing campaigns, and even dove into success in CTV. There was also tons of chatter about SKAN and where a new advertiser might begin focusing their UA efforts in comparison to someone with a baked-out strategy.

I had the opportunity to speak in the “ Optimizing UA Efforts and chat further about Which Channels and Strategies Are Best for Long-Term App Growth.” panel along with Michelle Webb, Head of Sales Americas, Bidease, Sangita Sarker, Fractional CMO, Sarker Consulting and Sasha Ojagh, Mobile Growth Marketing Lead, Shopify.

The Networking

Given the event was outside, it allowed for very natural conversation during the event. AGS also set aside a few different times throughout the day for networking.

Most of my conversations were about continued consolidation of the industry, the importance of SKAN and CTV being a major opportunity in 2024.

Summary of AGS Austin 2023

The biggest learning I had from AGS Austin is that advertisers are starting to get more bullish on testing into SKAN and CTV. SKOverlay continues to be a hot topic. Consolidation continues to be a main focus, and incrementality is becoming a larger focus for Advertisers.

The general feeling after the event is that it was well organized and was a good opportunity to speak about best practices when it comes to user acquisition across multiple channels and approaches. The event was organized well and was outside, presenting a great opportunity for continued networking.